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Late Season Woes- Good News, Bad News

January 16, 2015 by

     Well I always like to get the bad news out of the way first so here goes.  Recent steady rains on already saturated grounds has left us with something we prayed for at the first of the season, water, and lots of it.  Guess it's true when they say be carefull what you ask for.  To some that may seem like a good thing but it's working against us.  The newly flooded pastures and backwater ponds are perfect secluded little courting spots for the paired up ducks.  It's giving them a place to eat, drink, and make time with that favorite hen all without being harrassed by hunters.  Hunting has been tough this week but the staff at PRO continues to work hard in keeping tabs on the birds.

     Now the good part!  We have been able to put some parties in the lucky spot and present them with good opportunities.  Of course you still have to hit them but then that's part of the fun!  Another good thing going for us is a forecast of a change in the wind direction.  Typically we have a little better action on a southerly wind and with temps becoming a little more bearable, we're hoping to see some birds return to our marsh.  And lastly the other good thing is we have a few more openings left in our schedule!  We're still only hunting 3 days a week in order to rest our property as much as we can and give you the best shot (pun intended), at a good hunt!  So get your 3 man group together and come enjoy a nice day in the marsh with us before the season closes.  Won't be long and we'll be wishing it wasn't over!

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